Medigap Plans

Medigap Plans, also know as Medicare Supplements or Supplemental Insurance are the best way for Medicare elgibles to protect themselves from unforseen illnesses or accidents.

Medigap Plans Cover the Gaps in Medicare

Medicare pays 80% of healthcare expenses. Medigap Plans fill in the gap left behind from Original Medicare Parts A and B.

Here is a list of the ten Standardized Medigap Plans

Medigap Plan A  Medigap Plan B  Medigap Plan C  Medigap Plan D  Medigap Plan F  Medigap Plan G  Medigap Plan K  Medigap Plan L  Medigap Plan M  Medigap Plan N


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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Medigap Plan G

Depending on the rate in your area, a Medigap Plan G, is worth some serious consideration when shopping for Medicare Supplements. Here are the Top Five Reasons to Buy a Medigap Plan G

Compare Medicare Supplements online

Compare Medicare Supplements Online

Companies offer free comparisons with the hope of eventually selling you a Medigap Plan. Just remember, you are always the one in charge. With so much competition you can be very selective in choosing who to work with. There is no reason to tolerate poor service or high-pressure sales tactics.

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Omaha Insurance Medigap Plan G in Georgia

If you are shopping for a Medigap Plan G in Georgia, consider Omaha Insurance Company. As a subsidiary of Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, they offer the peace of mind of a strong financial foundation and one of the lowest rates in the state.

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Benefits of Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan L

When comparing the benefits of Medigap Plan L, you will notice a cost-sharing structure similar to Medigap Plan K and Medigap Plan M. With Plan L you share certain costs at 75% until a maximum annual out-of-pocket limit of $2,480.

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Medigap Plan M vs Medigap Plan N

Medigap Plan M and Medigap Plan N offer a different approach to Medicare Supplement coverage. Both Plan M and Plan N cover the same 7 of 9 Medicare Supplement Benefits, but they do it with additional cost-sharing and copays.

Open Enrollment

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment

If you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment begins the first day of the month in which you turn 65 and lasts for six months. If you’re concerned about forgetting the dates. Don’t worry. You will be inundated with Medicare Supplement marketing material. And you thought nobody cared about your birthday.

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Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates

There is a wide selection of options when comparing Georgia Medicare Supplement Rates. In this post, I’ll explain these options along with the different variables affecting the price of Medigap Plans in Georgia.

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If you are turning 65 and a Florida resident, you are certainly familiar with the AARP Plan F Medicare Supplement (Medigap Plan). The plan is underwritten and administered by UnitedHealthCare Insurance Company. In most areas of Florida, it is very often the plan with the lowest price, but before purchasing, there are other options you will want to consider.

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Florida Medicare Supplements

While shopping for Florida Medicare Supplements, you will be faced with a wide variety of options. With over 2.4 million seniors enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and B, companies are eager to do business in the state. Along with the standard plans offered, Florida has other money-saving choices, like Medicare Select and High Deductible Plan F. In this post we will explain all of your coverage options.

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Medigap Plan G or Medigap Plan N

Congratulations, if you are comparing Medigap Plan G and Medigap Plan N you are on the right track. Both are great Medicare Supplement Plans for a variety of reasons and worth your consideration.

Medicare Supplement Benefit Guide

The following Medicare Supplement Benefit Guide will help you compare plans. There are only nine areas of coverage to consider when comparing. All standardized plans cover a portion of these benefits.

Stop Wasting Money

Medigap Plan F is Not Your Best Option

Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan F has been the popular choice since it was first introduced in 1990. Over the years, over 50% of all new Medicare Supplement sales were with a Plan F, and for a long time, that decision made sense. The times they are a changing.

High Deductible Plan F

Benefits of High Deductible Plan F

A high deductible Plan F could be your best insurance option. I’ve always discouraged anyone from purchasing a standard Medigap Plan F, but with the high deductible version, my thoughts are entirely different.

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Benefits of Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan M

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plan M can be a terrific money-saving choice for Medicare-eligible seniors. It is similar to a Medigap Plan D with only one difference.

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The Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Medicare Supplement

Whether you are new to Original Medicare and shopping for your first Medicare Supplement, or you currently have coverage but are interested in some money-saving options, this post can help. We put together a list outlining the top 5 ways you can save money on your Medigap Plan.

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What is the Best Medicare Supplement Company?

As an expert in the insurance industry, I am often asked what are the best Medicare Supplement Companies? It’s a simple question, but unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer. Many variables are unique to the individual, and you will want to consider them all when choosing the company that is best for you.

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Medicare Supplement Underwriting

Are you looking to purchase a Medicare Supplement, but you’re concerned about the underwriting requirements? Obviously, the best time to buy a Medigap Plan is during your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP).

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Warning! Do Not Buy a Medigap Plan F

Plan F has long been the most popular of the standardized plans, and it does have a purpose. However, you should explore all of your options and make yourself aware of the potential pitfalls before owning one.

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Medigap Plan F or Medigap Plan C

If you are shopping for a Medicare Supplement and trying to decide between purchasing a Medigap Plan F or a Medigap Plan C, I can help. In fact, this question is a quick an easy one.

Phaseout Plan F

Say Goodbye to Plan F

Soon your favorite Medicare Supplement Plan F will no longer be available. Congress has passed legislation that prevents companies from covering the Part B Deductible starting January 1, 2020, making Plans C and F obsolete.